Like many other crystal junkies, I am the proud owner of hundreds of different varieties of crystals. They are all special to me, and yes, I do use them all – for healing, protection, abundance, enhancing my intuition, or simply for relaxing and meditating. After working with crystals for over 40 years, I have found seven essential crystals that pretty much cover all of your needs. These seven crystals are also easy to attain and are very affordable, making them even more appealing to the metaphysically curious person.

The 7 Essential Crystals

1. Clear Quartz – This crystal does it all! It enhances, restores, and regulates energy. It helps activate your psychic abilities, amplifies other crystals’ energy, stimulates the immune system, and aligns the chakras. I use clear quartz to energize my other crystals and boost my energy when I feel a little tired. I also keep clear quartz in my car to improve my gas mileage.

2. Amethyst – Another crystal that has many valuable properties. I use amethyst to help me relax, sleep, meditate, open my crown chakra, overcome unhealthy habits such as; overeating sugary foods or drinking too much caffeine. Amethyst is excellent for breaking unhealthy addictions, brings in peace and balance; not only is it a psychic protection stone, but it also protects the user from thieves, and it protects travelers.

3. Rose Quartz – Rose quartz is often used for healing emotional trauma and wounding. It has a gentle and loving energy that helps the user connect with unconditional love for self and others. In ancient times, Rose quartz has been used for physical beautification working on the inner and outer aspects of feeling beautiful. Putting rose quartz by your bedside provides a peaceful and restful sleeping environment. A large piece in your workspace keeps away gossip.

4. Selenite – Selenite connects you with the angelic realm while clearing and cleansing your mind, body, and spirit. Selenite brings in mental clarity and helps with decision-making. I use selenite in my healing sessions to remove energy blocks in the physical and etheric bodies. I often use a selenite blade to comb the auric field. It clears and seals the aura. Selenite connects you with the energy of the moon. I love using selenite during the full and new moon to enhance my intention with the moon’s energy.

5. Black Tourmaline – I have black tourmaline strategically placed in the four corners of my home and businesses and by the front door to absorb any stress or negativity from entering these places. I also use black tourmaline to keep me grounded in my meditation to remember my meditation experiences. It guards against the influences of overly emotional and toxic people so that you do not take on their energy empathically. Black tourmaline is a wonderful stone for those who feel and take on other people’s energy. It creates a healthy, energetic boundary for the user with the outside world.

6. Fluorite – You will always find a fluorite piece by my computer and printer to help it run smoothly. There is a lot of psychic energy around my computer due to the nature of my business. Fluorite is excellent for shielding the aura from outside psychic manipulation. It absorbs disturbances in your environment so quickly that you need to clear it often with sage or a crystal cleanse. This crystal works with the upper chakras making it an excellent stone for enhancing psychic abilities.

7. Citrine – Citrine is the most popular abundance crystal that people use to bring in financial stability. I always have a citrine stone in my cash register and the money corner in my home, the back left corner, to keep the abundance flowing. Citrine balances the solar plexus chakra and energizes the will of the user. It is excellent in solving family or group problems bringing in resolution and healing to the group. Citrine is beneficial in sparking creativity of artists, writers, and musicians.

As I write this article, many other crystals come to mind, such as hematite, moonstone, and tiger’s eye, but for those who are beginners or are purchasing crystals for someone else, these seven will cover the basic needs of the user.

Be sure to cleanse them often with sage, sea salt or placing them on a slab of selenite or a cluster of amethyst or clear quartz. Cleansing your crystals will help you receive the benefits that come from working with them.

There is so much information out there to help you learn more about crystals. Some resources are – the internet, books and visiting your favorite crystal shop, and learning from the people that work there. Learning how to use crystals can be fun, healing, and empowering.

If you haven’t already worked with crystals, I invite you to do so, beginning with the 7 I have suggested with an open mind and heart, and then decide for yourself if your life has improved for the better.

Blessings and Light,

Laurie Barraco