If you have intuitively been feeling that something really “big” energetically is going on these days causing buttons to be pushed, emotions to be a bit out of whack and feeling a huge push to get your act together, then you are absolutely correct! There are a few celestial events that will be taking place on January 31st and as a collective we all have been feeling their effects. Just turn on the news and you can most certainly see how this cosmic influence is playing out.
On January 31st, 2018, we will experience a Super Blue Blood Full Moon as well as a Lunar Eclipse. What on Earth does all of this mean? Well, you could say it’s a potpourri of several different cosmic events taking place all at once. Just the name – Super Blue Blood Full Moon Lunar Eclipse sounds like it is a big deal. Well, it most certainly is! Don’t worry, we’ll break this down so that you can understand what all of this means for you and at the same time, you can ultilize this Full Moon to set some intentions into motion. What occurs cosmically, most certainly has an effect on us here on this Earth plane physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
There is a theme here with this Full Moon and that theme is all about honesty, integrity and morality. If we want to soar, thrive and embrace life, we must be willing to be transparent not only with ourselves, but also with what is taking place within our relations with others.
Breaking It Down
Blue Moon – When there are 2 Full Moons in the same month. The 2nd Full Moon is called a Blue Moon. January 2018 has 2 Full Moons, therefore the Full Moon on January 31st is a Blue Moon. Blue Moon energy is very powerful. I suggest creating a ceremony around this event. It’s the perfect time to set your goals into motion. Some of the areas that you can work on are; attracting more money, a new job, a raise, promotion, new home, romantic partner or move.
Super Moon – A Super Moon occurs when the moon’s perigee is at its closest when orbiting the Earth. Translated – During its orbit, the Moon is very close to the Earth causing it to appear larger than normal. Super Moons heighten our emotional sensitivity. Don’t be surprised if you and those around you are a bit touchy. The benefit to this phenomenon is that hidden or unexpressed emotions will come to the surface. What has been hidden emotionally will have the opportunity to be acknowledged, dealt with, and hopefully addressed and shifted.
Lunar Eclipse – A Lunar Eclipse is when the moon passes into the Earth’s shadow. The Earth is equally between the Sun and the Moon. This event has a very strong impact on our shadow side, our unpleasant patterns, belief systems, and behaviors. Not only will our shadows be highlighted, but the unfavorable behavior of others will come to light and be placed front and center stage as well. The blessing during this time is that what is not favorable, desirable, or ethical behavior will be brought out into the open for all to work on healing and correcting.
Blood Moon  – When a Lunar Eclipse takes place, the Moon appears to darken in color as it moves into Earth’s shadow. When this happens, the Moon isn’t completely dark, it takes on a reddish color. What you are seeing at this time are sunbeams peeking out from the edge of the Moon, hence the name Blood Moon. The Blood Moon emphasizes the influence of being completely honest and truthful with yourself. When we are transparent, there is nothing to hide or cover up. Often there is a sigh of relief as we clear out the muck within our minds and negative ego. Let’s face it, there isn’t anywhere that is safe to hide. Everywhere we go, there we are.
Full Moon in Leo – Last but not least, the Full Moon is in the sign of Leo. The spotlight will be on relationships – with self and others. First, it is best if we got really clear with our motives and on the processes of how we go about pursuing the goals we have for ourselves. Since everything is being brought out into the open, it provides us with the opportunity to face what is revealed and proceed ahead with the courage of Leo. You can bet there is nowhere to hide because Leo loves attention and knows exactly how to get your attention, as well as the attention of others. Also, the Moon is conjunct Ceres. Ceres is the goddess of grain who rules independent women and working mothers. Ceres’ influence will benefit all mothers who need extra strength and courage to speak up about creating equality in the workplace and in society.
Suggestions For This Full Moon Event
Take A Full Moon Bath – Taking an herbal bath with epsom, sea, and himalayan salts are an excellent way to embrace the lunar energies and help to clear and wash away what you are ready to let go of. A few herbs that work well in a Moon Bath are; lavender, sage, rose, and rosemary.
Releasing Ceremony – Take some time and reflect on all of the things that you know aren’t serving you. Be extremely honest with yourself and dig deep. Write everything down that comes to mind down as well as your reason as to why you are releasing them. Next, you want to ceremoniously dispose of your list. You can burn it, bury it or put it in a source of running water such as a stream or in the ocean. What’s most important is that you alchemically transmute your list, turning it into alchemical gold by letting go everything that you have written down.
Energy Work/Reiki – It is a good idea to nurture yourself, Ceres would agree! With all of this revealing and releasing, you would benefit from some energy work. If at all possible, schedule a Reiki or energy healing session sooner rather than later. As you let go, it’s important to fill the void with light and love.
Crystal Energy – Crystals are powerful energy transmitters and transmuters. There are a few crystals that beautifully harness the energy of the Moon such as; Moonstone, Selenite, Labradorite, Amethyst and Rose Quartz. You can carry, hold or wear your crystals as jewelry. They can and will help you navigate any changes during a lunar event.
Clearing and Cleansing Your and Your Space – It would be very helpful to keep your sage and or palo santo handy to keep you and your space at a high vibration. Remember, we are processing quite a bit as we recognize and identify behavior that we are ready to shift and release. Saging will not only help move things along, but it will also bring in the light and lots of good vibrations at the same time.
Now that we’ve covered what this rare Super Blue Blood Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is all about, hopefully you will embrace the true meaning behind this event. If we are to look at the bigger picture, we are receiving assistance from the Universe to help us to be our truest and most authentic selves. How exciting and empowering this truly is! Onward and upward my fellow travellers.
Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco