Adding These Herbs Will Give Your Smudging Ritual A Boost!

When adding these herbs to your smudging ritual, you are adding another element to the environment that you are cleansing and clearing. Smudging, also known as saging, is a ritual that many different cultures have used to clear negative or stagnant energy. The most common herb that people use to clear their space is dried sage. While using sage by itself does and can get the job done, many people prefer to add another herb for their own custom intention. You may even try mixing a few herbs with your sage and create your own cleansing blend.
The Herbs
  • Cedar is often used to cleanse a new home, apartment and or business. It has the energy of protection and brings in the influence of wise and old spiritual energy.
  • Lavender is used to bring in a loving and nurturing energy into your space. It also has a welcoming aroma. It is also said to keep away negative influences.
  • Sweetgrass has a sweet vanilla aroma that connects us to Mother Earth, which is a grounding and centering vibration. The sweetgrass brings in the sweetness and the blessings that life has to offer.
  • Copal has a crisp citrus aroma. It is often burned as an offering to the "Gods" giving gratitude for our blessings and honoring them.
  • Frankincense was once considered more valuable than gold! It helps to raise your vibration as well as your the space you are in, opens up your clairvoyance abilities, and shields you from lower vibrational influences.
  • Myrrh helps keep your vibration high and helps the user to attain enlightenment and wisdom. It's smoke is used to bless, consecrate, and bless it's environment.
These herbs can be added with your sage mixture, or you may purchase a sage wand with the herb(s) already bundled together. Just about all of these herbs can be found at almost any metaphysical store.
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