Happy 8/8, friends!

Look up to the sky today and let the warm rays heal you!  Accept the light code activations into your energetic DNA and raise your vibrations!

Learn more about the Lion’s Gate Portal here.

Here’s how we celebrated:


The Lion’s Gate Portal is at its greatest today! ☀️🦁✨ Soak up the rays and raise your vibration! #lionsgate #lionsgateportal2022 #888 #leoseason Thank you to @spiritdaughter for wonderful Lion’s Gate info!

♬ Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura) – Sound Bath

Items we used:

Blessed Thistle 3×4 Bag

Mini Candles

Hem The Sun Stick Incense

Cinnamon Sticks

Tiger’s Eye Tumbled Crystal

Citrine Tumbled Crystal

Golden Healer Quartz Heart 2