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  • Agate Tumbled Crystal (dyed)

    Agate Tumbled Crystal

    • Attracts wealth
    • Helps with the birth process
    • Relieves stress
    • Can boost immune system
    • Raises consciousness


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  • Amazonite Tumbled Crystal

    Amazonite Tumbled Crystal

    • Manifests Universal love
    • Blocks negative energies
    • Calming energy
    • Enhances intuition


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  • Amethyst Tumbled Crystal

    Amethyst Tumbled Crystal

    • Keeps nightmares away
    • Protects from psychic attack
    • Eases an overactive mind
    • Heals headaches and tension


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  • Ametrine Tumbled Crystal

    Ametrine Tumbled Crystal

    • Helps with weight loss
    • Alleviates stress, tension, and depression
    • Helps let go of the past
    • Releases addictions


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  • Andalusite Tumbled Crystal

    Andalusite Tumbled Crystal

    • Helps stay unbiased
    • Helps you see different sides of situations
    • Helps access information through channeling
    • Re-balances you when you feel unbalanced


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  • Angelite Tumbled Crystal

    Angelite Tumbled Crystal

    • Helps you be more compassionate
    • Helps you speak your truth
    • Connects you to Universal knowledge
    • Brings with it peace, love, and light to the world


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  • Apache Tear Crystal

    Apache Tear Crystal

    • Helps ease the pain of the grieving process
    • Used for psychic protection
    • Believed to strengthen the immune system



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  • Apatite Tumbled Crystal

    Apatite Tumbled Crystal

    • Helps suppress hunger and encourages healthy eating
    • Great companion crystal for developing your psychic gifts
    • Promotes humanitarianism
    • Manifestation stone
    • Helpful for those who are autistic


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  • Apophyllite Point

    Apophyllite Point

    • Connects you to Spirit Realm
    • Gives you a clear psychic vision
    • Helps see past lives
    • An amazing Reiki stone


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  • Black Moonstone Tumbled Crystal

    Black Moonstone Tumbled Crystal

    • Used for protection during travel
    • Contains the ultimate feminine energy
    • Enhances fertility
    • Helpful for insomnia


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  • Bloodstone Tumbled Crystal

    Bloodstone Tumbled Crystal

    • Used to banish evil
    • Gives guidance
    • Heightens intuition
    • Keeps out undesirable influences


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  • Blue Aventurine Tumbled Crystal

    Blue Aventurine Tumbled Crystal

    • Good for breaking addictions or bad habits
    • Excellent communication stone
    • Gets rid of headaches
    • Promotes compassion


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  • Blue Goldstone Tumbled Crystal

    Blue Goldstone Tumbled Crystal

    • Reminds you that there is always light in dark situations
    • Protects against psychic attack
    • Enhances telepathic communication
    • Guards against unwanted energies


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  • Blue Obsidian Tumbled Crystal

    Blue Obsidian Tumbled Crystal

    • Wonderful communication crystal
    • Enhances telepathy
    • Clears cluttered minds
    • Opens aura for healing energy


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  • Blue Tiger’s Eye Tumbed Crystal

    Blue Tiger’s Eye Tumbled Crystal

    • Enhances psychic ability
    • Gives you courage to recognize thoughts and ideas
    • Gives you willpower to make your ideas happen in the physical realm
    • Brings in optimism to one who is feeling the blues


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  • Carnelian Red Crazy Lace Agate Bracelet


    Carnelian and Red Crazy Lace Agate:

    • Grounding
    • Helps with Mental Focus
    • Assists with Creativity
    • Helps Ease the Tension

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