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4-Inch Malachite Organite

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4-inch Malachite Organite

  • EMF, Electronic, Wifi, etc. Protection
  • Hand Made with Love
  • Copper, Black Iron Oxide & Shungite!


What’s In Your Organite?
-Reiki Infused
-Hand Made with Love
-Copper Powder & Pieces
-Programmed with 528 Hz Frequency
-Clear Quartz Point wrapped in Copper
-Metal Powder Mix of Shungite & Iron Oxide

What’s an Organite?
-Orgone means ‘Life Energy’
-Based on the Theory of Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulators
-Transmutes the Negative Energy into Positive Energy
-Protects you from harmful effects of EMFs, WiFi, Cell Phone, Smart Meters, Electronics, Computers, Etc!
-Brings balance to one’s energy field

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Weight 10 oz


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