Andalusite Tumbled Crystal

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Andalusite Tumbled Crystal

  • Helps stay unbiased
  • Helps you see different sides of situations
  • Helps access information through channeling
  • Re-balances you when you feel unbalanced

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It helps one see the different facets of their character while staying unbiased and grounded. Encourages one to see the various sides of situations.
Additional Healing Properties:
🌙Physical: Treats disorders related to deficient oxygen, chromosome development, cellular conditions of the hands and eyes, and memory loss.
🌙Emotional: assists in re-balancing and re-aligning oneself when one feels off track.
🌙Spiritual: Gives insight into ancestral awareness & ancient texts and helps access information through channeling.

*Price includes one crystal in a mesh bag. Perfect for gift giving!

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