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Apache Tear Crystal

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Apache Tear Crystal

  • Helps ease the pain of the grieving process
  • Used for psychic protection
  • Believed to strengthen the immune system



The Apache Tear Crystal is traditionally known as one of the tears of the Apache Native American women. They cried dark tears of grief that fell to the Earth and took this shape when their tribe was pursued by the Calvary. Even though they fought bravely, they unfortunately were outnumbered. It is believed that these tears turned to crystals so that everyone would remember what happened.

  • Physically Apache Tear crystals are said to strengthen the immune system. It is believed to do this by helping remove toxins inside the body. Apache Tear can also help stop muscle spasms.
  • Emotionally Apache Tear heals you when you are feeling grief and emotional distress.
  • Spiritually Apache Tear are used for psychic protection. As a healer, Apache Tears help your work to make sure you are safe while doing so.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

1 review for Apache Tear Crystal

  1. spatton395 (verified owner)

    This was a lovely addition to my collection for the price and good quality in my opinion. Each crystal I bought also game with a description which was much appreciated!

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