Aphrodite Natural Resin Incense

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Aphrodite Resin Incense 

  • Burn this incense to invoke the power of this Goddess
  • Open the heart and to stir the root chakra
  • Designed to help you clear energy blockages

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Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty is one of the most revered and feared Goddess of the Occident. Her gifts of love and passion can be bliss, yet they often come with a force of compulsion that can create havoc among humans. Her unabashed sexuality and sensuality allows us to appreciate our sensual human nature.

Burn this incense to invoke the power of this Goddess, to open the heart and to stir the root chakra. Whether love or lust is your heart’s desire – may the Goddess bless you with her graces. Beware though that her blessings sometimes turn out to be curses…

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Venus ~ Open heart chakra, love, compassion, sensuality, giving and receiving, prosperity.

Magical Incense

Star Child Magical Incense is designed for a range of common magical purposes and intentions. Remember though, that incense is merely a tool that helps to facilitate the workings of the practitioner, it is not a ‘magical potion’ in itself. Whilst it can assist with focusing the mind on the task and help clear ethereal energy blockages, it won’t do the work for you. Desired opportunities may arise – but it is still up to the practitioner to follow them up with appropriate action.

Star Child creations are based on tradition and magic with intent.

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