Archangel Michael Magical Candle with Black Tourmaline Crystals 12oz

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Archangel Michael Magical Candle with Black Tourmaline

  • Archangel Michael
  • Protection
  • Clear negativity
  • Cut emotional cords
  • Release
  • Emotional cord cutting
  • Guidance
  • Boundaries
  • Happiness


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The Archangel Michael Magical Candle is a protective candle that keeps you and your space “invisible” from any harmful energies. Call upon Archangel Michael to help clear any negativity and keep any from coming in.

Intention: “Archangel Michael, while this candle is lit, please clear out negativity in my midst. Please clear this space of thickness and stress. Thank you Michael, for keeping me blessed.”

100% Soy Wax – Soy wax is 100% vegetable by-product, not a petroleum by-product

Soy candles are easier on people with breathing problems

Soy candle wax burns evenly with a steady flame

100% Cotton Wick

55 – 60 Hour Burn Time

It is recommended to burn your candle for at least 2 hours to receive the benefits of your intentions.

Tip: Light this candle and call upon Archangel Michael to help clear any negativity and keep any from coming in.

Fragrance ~ Notes of lime and black pepper

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline, also known as Schorl, is used to repel and protect against negative energy, psychic attacks, cell phone magnetic smog, spells, and ill-wishing. It is an excellent stone for grounding energy and increasing vitality. Black Tourmaline encourages a positive attitude no matter the situation.

Additional Healing Properties:

🌙 Physically: Black Tourmaline stimulates the reflex points in the lower back. It can also help treat arthritis, dyslexia, heart disease, anxiety, and disorientation.

🌙 Emotionally: Black Tourmaline removes negative energy and stabilizes emotions. Heals those who are victims of negative energy.

🌙 Spiritually: Black Tourmaline enhances one’s well-being on the physical plane. It awakens altruism and connects with the root chakra.


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Weight 30 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3.25 in


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