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Black Obsidian Poison Pillbox Silver Ring Size 7

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Black Obsidian Sterling Silver Ring

  • A grounding stone
  • Promotes emotional releasing
  • Increases self-control
  • Repels negativity

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Black Obsidian grounds the soul and spiritual forces into the physical plane. It repels negativity and disperses unloving thoughts. Black Obsidian can help heal not only yourself, but all the way through your ancestral line. It can facilitate the release of old loves and provides a sense of support during change. When held on the third eye, it breaks through mental barriers you are experiencing. When used with care it has the ability to bring together scattered energy, promoting emotional releasing.

  • Physically Black Obsidian helps increase self-control. It also can help in the removal of physical disorders.
  • Emotionally Black Obsidian can help you view who you truly are.
  • Spiritually Black Obsidian will assist in the release of all negative energies.

Poison or pillbox rings are making a comeback! Under or inside the bezel is a secret compartment area. You can put whatever little treasure inside of your ring such as: an intention, a dab of essential oil, crystal chips, herbs or whatever small treasure you’d like to take with you.

Black obsidian poison pillbox sterling silver ring

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