Crystal Bible 3 by Judy Hall

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Crystal Bible 3 by Judy Hall

  • Soul Star Chakra
  • 250 new crystals
  • Crystal skull information

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The Crystal Bible 3 takes understanding your crystals to the next level including chakra information as well as descriptions of 250 more crystals.

Featured in Kindred Spiritmagazine, this third volumeof the best-selling Crystal Bible books presents more than 250 new generation, high-vibration stones for healing and transformation. Included are many new and rare minerals whose esoteric properties are not described elsewhere. This essential guide also includes a section on crystal skulls, crystal beings, Madagascan stones, and how to work with the ‘new’ chakras, such as the Soul Star and Manifestation chakras, that are stimulated by the powerful crystals featured. Your Crystal Bible Volume 3 includes…Crystal Reference Crystal Innovations Crystal Beings Crystal Structure High Vibration Crystals Exploring Crystal Potential Crystal Skulls Building in Stone The Madagascar Stones Crystal Directory Awakening Crystals Physical and Subtle Anatomy Chakras Associations The New Chakras Healing Grids Making a Gem Essence …And Much More

About the Author

An internationally known author, astrologer, psychic, healer and workshop leader, Judy has been a karmic counsellor for over thirty years. Her books have been translated into fifteen languages.


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