Dragon Stone Tower 1

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Dragon Stone Tumbled Crystal

  • Heart healing
  • Eases grief
  • Manifestation crystal

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Dragon Stone, also known as Dragon Blood Jasper, is a stone of manifestation. It is a very powerful stone that enhances keen perception, participation, and interaction. It supplements personal power, yet encourages teamwork. Dragon Stone encourages fierceness and wildness. It gives one confidence in their journeys. It also brings in money and love to its owner. This stone prevents you from feeling lonely and raises your spirit so that you are happy.
Additional Healing Properties:
• Physically Dragon Stone can help boost the immune system, help with digestion, and intestinal blockages.
• Emotionally Dragon Stone can dispel sadness, grief, self-pity, and closed mindedness.
• Spiritually Dragon Stone grounds spiritual energy through the heart chakra.


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Weight 6 oz
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