Fancy Jasper Tumbled Crystal

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Fancy Jasper Tumbled Crystal

  • Used to make it rain
  • Creates tranquility around its holder
  • Protects against black magic
  • Can soothe an upset stomach

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Fancy Jasper Tumbled Crystal is a stone of gentleness and relaxation. This creates tranquility around its holder. Fancy Jasper is stone that can assist with astral travel. The vibration that Fancy Jasper holds is great to place next to your garden to keep it thriving. Native American’s would use Jasper crystals to make it rain.

  • Physically Fancy Jasper is good for helping with liver and gallbladder complications. It can also soothe an upset stomach when placed on the stomach region.
  • Emotionally Fancy Jasper can bring in the feeling of wholeness, healing, and comfort.
  • Spiritually Fancy Jasper is a stone that has been used for years for protection. It is extremely useful for protection against black magic.

*Price includes one crystal in a mesh bag. Perfect for gift giving!

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