Hematite Raw Crystal

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Hematite Crystal

  • Deeply connected with Gaia
  • Provides protection from negativity
  • Has the ability to ground its holder
  • Helps support timid individuals

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Hematite Crystal is effective with grounding and protecting. It harmonizes the mind, body, and spirit. Hematite can be used during out-of-body journeying. It protects the soul and grounds it back to the body. It can also help support timid individuals by boosting their self-esteem. It also enhances willpower, reliability, and imparts confidence. This stone connects you on a deep level with Gaia, who is Greek Goddess that is believed to have created and birthed the Earth.

  • Physically Hematite has a powerful connection with blood. It can restore, strengthen, and regulates the blood supply.
  • Emotionally Hematite stimulates concentration and focus. It can also enhance memory and original thought.
  • Spiritually Hematite helps change negative energies into positive energies.

*Price includes one crystal in a mesh bag. Perfect for gift giving!

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