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Icelandic Spar Tumbled Crystal

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Icelandic Spar Tumbled Crystal

  • Amplifies intentions
  • Cleanses chakras
  • Relieves migraines
  • Stone of spirituality and wisdom

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Icelandic Spar Tumbled crystal is also known as Optical Calcite. It is a powerful amplifier of energy and cleanser of various types of energy. It is often used in magical rituals to double the power of the intention. Icelandic spar can also cleanses the chakras.

  • Physically Icelandic Spar helps reduce tension, heal eye issues, and relieves migraines.
  • Emotionally Icelandic Spar helps you see the double meanings that are hidden behind words. It brings in clarity, insight, and forgiveness.
  • Spiritually Icelandic Spar is used ideally for astral travel and channeling. It helps increase intuition and is known as the stone of spirituality and wisdom.

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