Iolite Tumbled Crystal

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Iolite Tumbled Crystal

  • Helps with money management
  • Balances male/female energies
  • Helps one take responsibility of their self
  • Can help fix dysfunctional relationships

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Iolite Tumbled Crystal is one of the major third eye stones. It helps one to change in a painless way towards spiritual growth. Iolite Balances the male/female aspects of self and recharges the auric field. It is great for opening the mind to gain financial information regarding money management and eliminating debts. Iolite also helps one take responsibility for their self.

  • Physically Iolite helps to improve conditions of the liver and can reduce fevers.
  • Emotionally Iolite can help fix dysfunctional relationships. It also assists with overcoming codependency.
  • Spiritually Iolite has been used for shamanic ceremonies to influence spirits and help with accurate visions.

*Price includes one crystal in a mesh bag. Perfect for gift giving!

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2 reviews for Iolite Tumbled Crystal

  1. sarah.barnhart719 (verified owner)

    Very good to use if you meditate! Absolutely love this stone.

  2. Jasmin Perez (verified owner)

    I like using it with abundance/money grids I feel like it helps alot

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