Lakshmi Magical Candle with Moss Agate Crystals 12oz

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Lakshmi Magical Candle with Moss Agate Crystals

  • Lakshmi
  • Goddess of abundance and success
  • Money
  • Door Opener
  • Happiness


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When using the Lakshmi Magical Candle, you are bringing to you success in different forms; money, happiness and love.

Intention: “I call upon you to bring me in abundance true. Money, happiness, success, and wealth, all stress-free and good for my health. Thank you, Lakshmi for riches new. Blessed I be and thanks to you!”

100% Soy Wax – Soy wax is 100% vegetable by-product, not a petroleum by-product

Soy candles are easier on people with breathing problems

Soy candle wax burns evenly with a steady flame

100% Cotton Wick

55 – 60 Hour Burn Time

It is recommended to burn your candle for at least 2 hours to receive the benefits of your intentions.

Tip ~ Burn a Ganesh Magical Candle first to clear any obstacles that may pop up unexpectedly. After your Ganesh candle is done, light a Lakshmi candle and watch the magic unfold.

Fragrance ~ Notes of patchouli and orange

Moss Agate

Moss Agate assists with finding the beauty within oneself and others. It is an excellent stone to use for balancing and grounding energies. Native Americans used Moss Agate for power and strength. It also can help bring in abundance.

Additional Healing Properties:

🌙 Physically: Moss Agate helps to treat dehydration and eye disorders. It helps relieve symptoms of the cold and flu. It also can help lessen the pain during childbirth.

🌙 Emotionally: Moss Agate helps one to have a healthy ego. It also helps build self-esteem.

🌙 Spiritually: Moss Agate is excellent for creating communication with plant and Earth energies.



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Weight 30 oz
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