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Lapis Lazuli Awareness Soy Candle

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Lapis Lazuli Awareness Soy Candle

  • Opens third eye chakra
  • Encourages you to take charge and control of your life
  • Helps overcome depression
  • Helps contact spirit guardians

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Lapis Lazuli opens the third eye and balances the throat chakra. It stimulates enlightenment and enhances dream work and psychic abilities. This stimulates personal and spiritual power. Lapis Lazuli encourages its holder to take charge and control of their life.

  • Physically Lapis Lazuli can help alleviate pain, especially migraines. It also helps you overcome depression and it is very beneficial for the respiratory and nervous systems.
  • Emotionally Lapis Lazuli helps to relieves stress and brings deep peace. It also reveals inner truth and self-awareness.
  • Spiritually Lapis Lazuli helps contact spirit guardians and inner knowledge. It is used as a thought amplifier.

Ingredients ~ Soy wax, myrrh and lapis chips

Burn Time ~ 48-50 hours

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Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 3.4 × 4.5 in


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