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Larvikite Elastic Bracelet

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Larvikite Elastic Bracelet:

  • Great for those who are learning new information
  • A grounding and protecting stone
  • Connects with Nature Spirits
  • Enhances psychic abilities

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Larvikite comes from the Feldspar family. It is great for one who is learning new information as it allows the brain to be open to new pathways of knowledge. It is a grounding and protecting stone. This crystal has the ability to allow us to see through and into the past, which makes it great to use when doing past life recalls. Larvikite can cancel and neutralize any spells that have been activated. It helps us view ourselves through the eyes of our¬†higher self. Physically Larvikite helps to teach patience and encourages the completion of goals. Emotionally it helps to calm its holder. It is a great cleanser for when one has been through a “hectic” day. Spiritually this crystal is directly connected to the Earth and Root Chakra. It connects us to Nature Spirits and can help increase psychic abilities.

*One size fits most, about 8 inches

*Oval beads

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 4 × .5 × .5 in


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