Lava Rock Beaded Bracelet

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Lava Rock Elastic Bracelet:

  • Brings more “fire” into ones life
  • Helps one become more connected with Earth
  • Has both Fire and Earth elements

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Lava Rock is an incredibly powerful stone for anyone born under a fire sign in their astrology, or for anyone who needs more fire in their lives. Lava rock can be used to develop a relationship with the Fire Allies, the energy that is fire, bringing about swift action towards long-sought after goals. Lava Rock can also help one develop stronger ties with the earth, because it was once of one elemental form: fire, and has now transmuted to another elemental form: earth. The energy of fire is direct, powerful, impassioned, and headstrong. It can be very useful for those who are indecisive, timid, or who generally feel weak. It is beneficial for fire signs who feel they are “too fiery”, by bringing a natural balance with the blending of earth’s grounded energies into the often “too quick to act” nature of fire sign people.

*One size fits most, about 8 inches

*8mm beads

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × .4 × .4 in


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