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Marble Elastic Bracelet

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Marble Elastic Bracelet:

  • Promotes self-control and mastery of thought
  • Good for dream recall
  • Shows its holder past and present illusions that others set

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Marble is a cleansing stone that is beneficial for the blood, skin, and cleansing systems. Promotes self-control and mastery of thought. Good for dream recall. Enhances power of serenity. It puts a shield of protection and stability in the emotional mind. Provides suspension in meditation and tantric activities.  It has the ability of showing its holder past and present illusions that others set. This allows one to avoid the masks people may show which may not match the underlying reality. This is helpful for all relationships, the workplace, and other environments where others would want to take advantage.

*One size fits most, about 8 inches

*Flat rectangle beads

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 1 × .5 in


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