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How To Nurture Your Psychic Child by Crystal Childs

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How To Nurture Your Psychic Child by Crystal Childs

  • Energy sensitive children
  • Psychic development and preservation for children
  • Guiding your psychic child


How To Nurture Your Psychic Child by Crystal Childs was written to help preserve and develop the intuitive nature of our children.

Think your child may be psychic? Does your child show extreme sensitivity? Do you wish there was a “How-to” guide to help your child deal with issues that they are experiencing because you don’t know where to go or with whom to speak?
Have you looked at all the characteristics of crystal, indigo, and rainbow children and wondered into which category they fall? Then this is the book for you!

In this book, Crystal Childs, puts her 20+ years of working with children as a parent, teacher, and as a psychic together to provide you with the best tips to help your sensitive child. These tips will help your child through various issues that arise as their psychic ability is opening up, or as you as their parent open up to their sensitivity. Crystal takes the fear and helplessness away and guides you to implement useful tips and solutions to empower your child to feel more in control of their gifts and abilities.


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