Moonstone Beaded Bracelet 8mm

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Moonstone Elastic Bracelet:

  • Enhances psychic abilities
  • Stone of new beginnings
  • Encourages lucid dreaming
  • Calms emotions

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Moonstone is known as a stone of new beginnings. It is connected to the Moon and intuition. It calms emotions and helps to make the unconscious, conscious. This crystal encourages lucid dreaming and reveals any sudden or irrational impulses. When this crystal is placed on the Solar Plexus, it helps to remove any old and unwanted emotional patterns. Physically this crystal helps with the female reproductive cycle and relieves menstrual pain. It also helps to balance the hormonal system. Emotionally Moonstone helps calm overreaction and emotional triggers. It also helps to stabilize emotions. Spiritually this crystal is used to enhance psychic abilities and to develop clairvoyance.

*One size fits most

*8mm beads

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 8 × 1.5 × .5 in


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