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Psychic Development with Laurie Barraco

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Bundle Includes:
Psychic Development 101 – Revised E-book
Awaken – Crystal Bowls Meditation MP3
Mediumship MP3 and PDF
Magic of Manifesting Video and PDF
Magic of Manifesting MP3
Connect to Your Spirit Guides MP3
Connect to Your Higher Self MP3
Create a Meditation Haven MP3


The Psychic Development Bundle by Laurie Barraco is a must-have for the spiritually conscious individual. Laurie has created this bundle with the intention of providing the user a solid foundation to not only develop their psychic abilities, but to shift their consciousness into alignment with their heart’s desires. This bundle includes material on many different metaphysical/spiritual topics such as: meditation, mediumship, manifestation, spirit guides and more…

The Psychic Development Bundle by Laurie Barraco Includes:
•Psychic Development 101 – Revised E-book
•Awaken ~ A Crystal Bowl Meditation
•Mediumship Workshop, PDF, and Meditation
•Magic of Manifesting Workshop, PDF, and Meditation
•Connect to Your Spirit Guides Meditation
•Connect to Your Higher Self Mediation
•Create a Meditation Haven Mediation

The Psychic Development Collection by Laurie Barraco is valued at $110 !
By purchasing this Collection, you save over $20 !!!

Laurie is passionate about teaching students how to connect with their own psychic abilities and learning how to utilize these gifts to create and a thriving, joy-filled and abundant life.


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