Red Rose Buds 3×4 Bag

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Red Rose Buds

  • Used in love spells
  • Luck
  • Add calm to stressful situations


Red Rose Buds are connected with the energy of Aphrodite and are often used in love spells and bring calm to any stressful situation.

Many burn this herb to bring in healing, luck, love, creativity, balance, clairvoyance, protection and stronger psychic abilities.

Sprinkling this herb around your home will most certainly create a loving, harmonious and welcoming atmosphere.

This herb is also used to soothe symptoms of the flu or the common cold such as fever, aches and removes the toxins associated with these illnesses.

Element: Water

Gender: Feminine

*Should not be consumed by pregnant women*

3×4 ziplock bag

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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 4 in

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  1. river.gassen (verified owner)

    Great value for the price!

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