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Sѐlaluz SISTER SPICE Crystal Candle

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  • Top – cinnamon
  • Middle – cinnamon, clove
  • Bottom – orange, vanilla

burn time approx 65 hours

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Sѐlaluz SISTER SPICE Crystal Candle

Crystal Pyramid Candle

The expression says blood is thicker than water, and truth be told, I can’t think of many things in life more ironclad than the bond of sisterhood. Ellaway was 2 years years old when her sister was born, and she was immediately obsessed with Mayla. Almost too much — “Remember, she’s a baby!” Mama mom would remind her when she got a little overzealous or rough. (I still like to think Ellaway was the reason Mayla started crawling at an exceptionally young age, because Ellaway always placed her toys just out of reach.)

Over the course of the next following years, they will go through so many peaks and valleys together — new homes and schools, accomplishments and heartbreaks, loss of pets and loss of jobs, the birth of their children, and figuring out what it takes to be sufficient, happy adults. The ride isn’t always easy, and there will be countless fights behind (and I’m sure ahead!) of them, but there’s no relationship in our life like the one she has with her sister. For all the sisters out there (or even just your BFF), here are a few very real reasons why they make life’s greatest friends

        We tell each other like it is.
       We can always count on sisters to give you an honest spoonful of reality, even when we think we don’t need it. And they never shy about telling each other exactly how it is, either.

        Sisters can read each others facial expressions.
      We might think we are effectively hiding our irritation, disappointment, shock, or fear from the world, but sisters can read it all over each others face — and knows exactly what to say.
We fight, but we know we’ll always get over it.
People tend to fight with the people who they are closest, so the occasional argument will inevitably creep up. No matter how mad or frustrated sisters get, it’s nearly impossible to stay angry with each other. Sisters will try, but then something funny will happen, and we will have to call and tell each other about it.
       No matter what happens in life, she will always have your back.
      It’s a comforting feeling to know that no matter what life hands you, through hard times and good, there’s someone who will have your back – through it all. They know they have busy life’s, but if you called her at 3 a.m. and say you needed her, know she’d be there in a heartbeat
She won’t let anyone else pick on you (only she can do that).
Yes, she can poke how at you cry at the drop of a hat, but the moment someone else does, she jumps to your defense! A sister has the right to make fun of your craziness. Everyone else has to earn it.
She is your BBF and that is something that nothing can replace
Burn Time 65+ Hours 


  • Top – cinnamon
  • Middle – cinnamon, clove
  • Bottom – orange, vanilla

Inspiration from https://www.popsugar.com/

Crafter of the Original Crystal Pyramid Candle & Tarot Tarts

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Weight 30 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 6 in


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