Selenite Tumbled Crystal

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Selenite Tumbled Crystal

  • Self-cleansing
  • Stone for mental clarity
  • Helps to assist in removing confusion
  • Used for communication with angels and spirit guides

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Selenite Tumbled Crystal is a stone for mental clarity. Selenite enhances mental flexibility, enables decision making, and is a stone of truth and honesty. It is a stone that has very calming vibrations and is great to use when doing spiritual work or meditating. Selenite never needs to be cleansed since it is a self-cleansing crystal. You can also put other stones on top of Selenite to cleanse them.

  • Physically Selenite removes blocks to healing and can help align the spine. It can help to assist in removing confusion due to Alzheimer’s and Dementia. It can also help to promote fertility.
  • Emotionally Selenite brings in flexibility to the unknown, intuition, truth, and honesty.
  • Spiritually Selenite is used for communication with angels and spirit guides.

*Price includes one crystal in a mesh bag. Perfect for gift giving!

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Weight .7 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

3 reviews for Selenite Tumbled Crystal

  1. sarah.barnhart719 (verified owner)

    This crystal has so many great benefits when it comes to making the energy in your space feel light & postive. And it’s great for charging other crystals!

  2. Taylor Paige Grant (verified owner)

    Love it’s benefits of charging crystals, I was hoping it would be bigger but that is probably just me and for the price it makes sense. Other than that I love it! Will buy smother go have. Lover amount of them 🙂

  3. Jasmin Perez (verified owner)

    Love using this one to cleanse my other crystals

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