Shiva Eye Shell Heart

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Shiva Eye Shell
This fossilized shell belongs to the Turban Snail in Thailand and Indonesia. Shiva Eye is a protective door to this animal and acts the same for its carrier. It encourages one to go with the flow of life, embracing creativity, and dancing reality into existence, just as the God Shiva, where it gets its name. The spiral assists with blending spiritual knowledge with and visualization to aid in the alchemical process.
Additional Healing Properties:
• Physically Shiva Eye may help kidneys, lymph nodes, and all reproductive organs.
• Emotionally it relieves stress, helps to find joy and spontaneity in one’s life.
• Spiritually Shiva Eye helps you reach different levels of consciousness by working with the natural Fibonacci spiral it is adorned with.

*Price includes one tumbled crystal in a mesh bag. Perfect for gift giving!


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