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Soulmate Crystal Kit

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Soulmate Crystal Kit

  • 6 crystals selected for soulmate relationships
  • Brings in passion
  • Romance


The Soulmate Crystal Kit contains the perfect combination of crystals that aligns the user with the soulmate that is for their highest and best good.

Soulmate Kit

Moonstone: Peach – New Beginnings
Carnelian: Orange – Energy – Sacral Chakra
Green Sardonyx: Green/White
Relationship Stone, Commitment
Garnet: Dark Red – Love and Devotion
Angelite: Light Blue – Healthy Communication
Rose Quartz: Pink – Unconditional Love
Hematite: Silver – Brings balance to your relationship

Affirmation – “In this moment, I attracting loving relationships that are for my highest and best good.”

The Soulmate Crystal Kit can be used in the following manner:
• Carry the pouch with you
• Place next to a pink or red candle
• Put in the relationship corner of your room


Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 3 × 4 in


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