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Starseed Heart Pendant by Seeds of Light

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Starseed Heart Pendant by Seeds of Light

  • Connects with the Violet Flame
  • Psychic abilities
  • Connects with universal cosmic influences

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The term Starseed means that many on Earth are from other star systems, galaxies, even other universes.  Many experience a yearning to go home.

Labradorite ~ supports freedom from time and space as well as one’s limitations,  while increasing psychic abilities and opening the third eye. This stone aids in visualization to manifest healing.

Green Tourmaline ~ is a. powerful stone to activate our heart center. Green Tourmaline connects our hearts to the Earth’s energy grid and nature spirits to aid in healing the Earth and its inhabitants.

Hypersthene ~ is the Violet Flame in the darkest days. This stone also brings the connection to St. Germain and invokes his presence. for aid in all things. Hypersthene. enhances psychic abilities,  increases connection. to higher beings, removes blockages and soften ego based thoughts.

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