The Reluctant Messenger by Candice Sanderson

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The Reluctant Messenger by Candice Sanderson

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In August 2013, Candice M. Sanderson’s life changed in a ten-minute period of time. When her training as a psychologist failed to explain these events, she reluctantly followed the breadcrumbs down a path which resulted in an extraordinary adventure into the unknown. The Reluctant Messenger chronicles her expedition across a vast expanse of universal consciousness that result.

Candice Sanderson is a psychologist who moved from Paducah, Kentucky to Naples, Florida in the 1990s. When she began to receive messages from “other-worldly” sources in 2013, she had a dilemma: ignore these communications as her clinical training suggested, or follow her heart’s advice to embrace them. While debating what to do, Sanderson began to document the encounters. Before long, she had amassed over one hundred pages of conversations from guides, angels, ascended masters, deceased loved ones, and star-beings, many of them sharing information unknown to her, but later verified by research. When confronted with these undeniable facts, Sanderson began to embark on this journey of reluctant messenger.

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