Thyme 3×4 Bag

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  • Psychic work
  • Fairie realm
  • Meditation


Thyme has many uses such as: clearing negative energy, enhancing clairvoyance, dream recall, banishing energy, bringing in prosperity and happiness. It also has been used to increase passion, release old energy and patterns, finding and enhancing romantic relationships, as well as helping with any mediation practice by relaxing the mind.

Many intuitive practitioners burn or carry thyme with them to help them enhance their psychic connection to the other side as well as to raise their consciousness.

This herb may be burned, added to a spiritual bath, and in some cases ingested.

Element: Water

Gender: Masculine

*Should not be consumed by pregnant women*

3×4 ziplock bag

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Weight .7 oz
Dimensions 3 × 4 in


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