Tri-Colored Tiger’s Eye Beaded Bracelet 8mm

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Three great energies from the different colors of Tiger’s Eye combined into one bracelet!

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Blue’s Tiger’s Eye is also known as Hawk’s Eye. It intertwines sharpness and grounding energies and is a very calming stone. It can also help unlock creativity. This crystal can help to find courage to recognize thoughts and ideas, and the willpower to carry them into the physical realm.

Red Tiger’s Eye increases motivation and helps one overcome lethargy. It is a stone of protection and promotes self-worth. Red Tiger’s Eye gives you confidence to discover in your own abilities to enhance your personal power and self-worth. It brings with it good luck and prosperity. Red Tiger’s Eye attracts wealth and can help to manifest thoughts into reality.

Yellow Tiger’s Eye is a wonderful grounding stone that balances the lower chakras. It helps one to stay centered when scattered. It contains the solar region energy and assists in work with the solar plexus. This stone helps to unlock creativity and can balance the male and female energies. It brings brightness and optimism to the carrier. It may help to improve vision at night.

All three of these great energies combined into one bracelet!




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