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Haint Happening' Dorothy Morrison Candle

Haint Happening' Dorothy Morrison Candle

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The Haint Happenin’ Limited Edition Candle is from the popular Wicked Witch Halloween Candle line, created by award winning author, Dorothy Morrison.  This is a light blue candle with a blend of juniper and jasmine.  Sometimes you need a little Wicked to spark your Mojo.  These tongue-in-cheek Halloween Limited Edition Candles will make you laugh out loud and take the drama out of whatever is dragging you down.  Each Haint Happenin’ Candle includes her Words of Wisdom:

“The perfect solution to deciding that haints simply ain’t happenin at your house!” Dorothy Morrison’s Wicked Witch Halloween Line.”

“I like mojo. That’s because it’s the easiest magic on the face of the Earth. You set the tone, name your intent, light the candle, and the magic happens. It’s as easy as that. The real trick – aside from absolute desire for the end result and belief in its manifestation – is using products with the correct ingredients. The stuff that packs enough wallop to make the magic happen. And that’s why I contacted my good friends and fellow practitioners at Coventry Creations when I wanted to do this line. Simply put, they know what works. They know what doesn’t.  And together, we make a very good team.”      ~ Dorothy Morrison

2” x 4.5” 40 hour candle 


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