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Spirited Discourse Spirit Communication Clarifier

Spirited Discourse Spirit Communication Clarifier

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Spirited Discourse ~ Spirit Communication Clarifier (Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood) Dorothy Morrison’s Candle By Coventry Creations


“As effective as having a red phone to the spirit world and without the service charges.” ~ Dorothy Morrison’s


Mojo is EASY. You set your tone, state your intent, light your candle and make your magic. The only hard and fast rule is to make your intuition and your heart.


Words of Incantation Mojo

Whispers on wind and whispers on mist. They are speaking ~ the spirit but I’m missing the gist. Of what they are saying. So, clear out the noise and open the channels. So, I hear the voice of each spirit clearly and can comprehend each word being uttered. Beginning to end. So, nothing is lost in faulty translation, and we can enjoy a great conversation.

Golden Yellow

Burn Time: 40 Hours

ISize: 5.1W x 10.2H cm, 2"x4" Inches

Aromatherapy Scent: Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood

All the hard work is already done for you! Each blend of herbs and oils is specially chosen to complement the intention of the candle.

Remove all packaging, before lighting. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Place in a fire-safe container. Keep away from drafts, flammable objects, children, and pets.


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