Protection Water Spell Bowl

A beautiful way to use herbs in your spell workings without having to burn them is by crafting a water spell bowl!  Here’s one we did for protection, but feel free to play around with the intention and change it up!

We used:

Parchment Paper & Pen
Glass Bowl
Black Obsidian
Clear Quartz
Moon Water
Juniper Berries
Anise Star
4 Tealights

What we did:

  1. Write your intention on the parchment paper and place it underneath the bowl.  We used “My family and I are divinely protected.”
  2. Arrange the crystals and seashells in the bottom of the bowl.
  3. Add enough moon water to completely cover your crystals and seashells.
  4. Sprinkle your herbs on top of the water – angelica, juniper berries, clove and 1 anise star.  Don’t overcrowd the bowl!
  5. Float your tea lights on top of the water.  We used 4 for protection.
  6. Light your candles and behold the beauty!  Sit with the bowl and meditate for a few moments.  Envision what protection looks and feels like.

Try it and let us know what you think!

Written by Bre Kohlhauff


Protection Water Bowl working!! 🖤✨ What a beautiful way to use protection magic!! #protectionspell #protectionmagick #spellwork #witchy #witchtok

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Products Mentioned:

Black Obsidian Tumbled Crystal

Clear Quartz Tumbled Crystal

Angelica 3×4 Bag

Juniper Berries

Anise Stars