Build a Prosperity Spell Jar with a Sea Witch

Spell jars are a great way to focus energy on your intention or manifestation.  Choose whatever herbs and crystals and items call to you that represent your goal – make your own magic!

Here’s what I layered in my spell jar:

Incense: to smoke cleanse my items before use, including the jar!

Sand: collected by me, naturally and with gratitude and respect to Gaia

Sea Salt: to keep the spell jar cleansed at all times; also represents the Sea (which is important to a Sea Witch!)

Blessed Thistle:  I love blessed thistle because it really only represents good things and abundance in all forms!

Witch’s Grass:  A great manifestation herb; helps to bring your goals to you

Bayberry Bark:  Excellent herb for money and prosperity workings!!

Green Aventurine:  Brings in good fortune and abundance

Clear Quartz: Amplifies all of my intentions!

Pearls:  A sea witch prosperity token

A sigil, written on paper and rolled up, that represents my intention: “I attract success”

Seashells: also collected preciously by my own hands!  I used whelks to represent wealth and abundance and scallops to represent prosperity because they look like coins.

Hag Stone:  Clears the path for good things to come my way!

White Spell Candle:  (could also use green here but I didn’t have any on hand!) Light the candle and let the wax flow down the jar to seal the spell.

Prosperous blessings to you!!!  Good luck!

Written by Bre Kohlhauff


A spell jar for prosperity with sea witch vibes! 🧜🏻‍♀️🌊🐚✨ #seawitch #spelljar #spellwork #prosperitymagic #abundancemanifestation #fullmoon

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Products used:

Mother Earth Stick Incense 15gr Green Tree

Sea Salt

Blessed Thistle 3×4 Bag

Witch’s Grass

Bayberry Bark 3×4 Bag

Green Aventurine Tumbled Crystal

Clear Quartz Tumbled Crystal

Mini Candles