The sweet smelling holy wood – PaloSanto! 🪵🔥✨ burn to remove negativity from your space and enhance your creativity #witchytips2022 #spiritualtiktok

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The Benefits of Using Palo Santo

Do you burn Palo Santo in your practice?  It’s a wonderful alternative to sage and it smells amazing.

Palo Santo is a sacred tree from South America and it’s name means “holy wood”.  You can burn it in it’s stick form, or as incense.  Either option works great for smudging as it’s smoke cleanses and purifies your space.

It has a very fragrant, sweet, woodsy scent.  It removes negative energy from your space and enhances your creativity.   Burning Palo Santo is a great way to set your space before any creative endeavor!

It’s also really great to burn during meditation because it relaxes your mind.  It is said that because Palo Santo comes from such a holy tree that it’s smoke carries a very grounding and safe energy.

Also, as an added bonus (especially for us in Florida!), the smoke from burning Palo Santo is a natural insect repellant!

Written by Bre Kohlhauff

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