10 Signs A Crossed Over Loved One Is Nearby

10 Signs A Crossed Over Loved One Is Nearby

Our deceased loved ones often provide us with signs from the other side as validation that they still exist and are nearby. One of life’s most challenging events is when someone we care about crosses over to the other side. On the other side, they are busy in their non-physical form but aren’t too busy to let us know they are near and assist us to the best of their abilities.

10 Signs From The Other Side 

  1. You can smell their familiar scents such as cigarette smoke, cologne, perfume, flowers, and or food unique to them.
  2. You find coins with dates on them that correspond to their birth year or the year they passed.
  3. License plates with their initials or numbers that have significance to you.
  4. Songs on the radio will play just at the right time when you need it.
  5. Lights flickering are often caused by a loved one who is nearby.
  6. Keywords and or messages from other people are another way those on the other side relay their messages to us.
  7. Pets looking at “nothing”, barking, meowing, or even licking the air are often visitors from the other side.
  8. Nature/wildlife birds, butterflies that come to visit you often are also signs that a loved one is near. Be sure to make a note of the frequent visitors.
  9. Number sequences on the clock, your register receipt total, and or telephone numbers are ways your loved one can communicate with you.
  10. Visits in our dreams are not just coincidences 9 times out of 10; they are real experiences in the astral.

From personal and professional experience, I've learned that our deceased loved ones aren’t always available to give us signs they are near. Sometimes they are busy with their soul growth on the other side. Due to this frequent occurrence, it is crucial not to jump to conclusions and assume that they are no longer near. Sometimes they are simply “busy” doing their thing.

Blessings and Light,

Laurie Barraco

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