Sage has wonderful vibrational properties. It’s been agreed upon since ancient times that this herb holds the vibration of cleansing. Therefore, if we all agree that this plant, sage, holds this vibration, then it does hold that magical frequency. Saging is a very important part of cleansing. You can sage the body, car, crystals, and money.

I don’t do it every day, but I intuitively know when it’s time to sage and clear. With saging, I do believe in saying a prayer and asking that any and all negativity be released and raised to a higher vibration. You may also use Palo Santo wood. It works as well as the sage does with a slightly different odor and frequency. Also, sage spray mist is an excellent alternative for those who are sensitive to smoke the sage or Palo Santo wood produces. Saging or smudging is an ancient spiritual cleansing practice. It clears you and your environment of negativity, stress, drama, and brings in positive vibes.

Energy is always flowing, never the same from moment to moment. Where we are energetically from one moment to the next is a constant movement. There are many factors to take into consideration. For example, we may have a bad day or someone is in your home or meditation room with a negative attitude. Stress, anxiety, fear, and grief also affect the energy within and around us. After saging/clearing the room, I am now ready to build the energy ~ build/create Sacred Space.

How To Sage:

    • Supplies: sage, lighter, shell or fire/heat resistant container to hold the sage or to catch the ashes from the sage, and a feather. Although a feather is not a true necessity, it does add a nice touch to the cleansing ritual. The ashes will stain a carpet, so please sage with care.
    • Open a door or window as much as possible to allow the negative vibrations to leave the premises.
    • Next, light the sage. You don’t need to go overboard. Light just enough to get the smoke going.
    • Start with walking to the right, continue moving counterclockwise, to pull out the undesirable energy.
    • Walk through each room, open closets, get up in the corners and under furniture.
    • Continue moving around the entire space you work your way back to the beginning point making a complete circle.
    • While burning the sage, you can repeat a prayer or mantra to help release and bring in loving vibrations.
    • If the smoke or sage burns out, relight it. You may need to do this repeatedly to keep the sage going. When you are finished with the saging process, you may tamp out the sage and save the rest for another time.