Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry underlies everything in the universe: mind, body, and spirit. When studying these shapes, you’re studying the patterns of creation. These designs and structures are at the heart of even the smallest objects on the planet. These differing geometries affect the frequencies at which everything vibrates.

The belief in the power of these structures can be traced back to ancient times. They can be found in many theories on art, music, light, architecture, nature, etc. You may have heard of “divine proportions”, the “golden ratio”, or the “Fibonacci Sequence”, these are all examples of sacred geometry at play. These shapes compose a vast encyclopedia of symbolism and are prevalent in religious art, monuments, and holy spaces.

The structure of the shapes stems from an examination of the circle and various ways it can overlap to form new patterns such as vesica Pisces, triquetra, genesis pattern, the egg of life, flower of life, and Metatron's cube.

The effects of these shapes are all around us all the way down to the foundation of the earth! And we can leverage their power by focusing our intention on images of sacred geometry. By meditation and scrying different shapes, you can unlock certain frequencies within the body and help align you down to the molecular level.

So next time you sit down for meditation, bring some sacred geometry with you to enhance your experience!