Angel Numbers

Angels can communicate with us in mysterious ways that aren’t always easy to understand. As celestial beings, angels vibrate at a higher frequency than we do which is why they use signs and symbols to communicate with us. Angels are pure, spiritual beings and because of their high frequency, they cannot communicate to us through worlds.

We may not even notice their presence unless we consciously practice raising our own vibrations. If we pay close attention, the messages and guidance we can receive from them can help us through some of our biggest obstacles. One way our guardian angels communicate with us is through numbers. Angel numbers are divine sequences of numbers that draw on numerological meanings.

When our angels wish to get our attention, we might see sequences of numbers pop up over and over throughout our lives. These numbers are more than a mere coincidence, it is our guardians trying to speak to us. When you see a certain number repeating, these numbers carry valuable information about your situation. Say you have a meeting at an address number 444, the next day you wake up randomly at exactly at, you type a location into your GPS and it is exactly 4.44 miles away...these numbers are trying to tell you something. While each number has a specific meaning, the combination of numbers can be evaluated as a whole. When you notice these numbers, try to bring yourself to a relaxed and focused state so you can best receive their messages.

Common Numbers and their meanings:

444: You are on the right path. You are being guided by unseen forces for your best and highest good.

333: You are fully protected. It is safe for you to speak your truth and step more deeply into your spiritual gifts.

1111: You are either on the verge of a spiritual awakening or a spiritual deepening of your spiritual path. This is an indicator of powerful energy headed your way. But know you are supported during this time.

222: You are being called to balance and integrate your mind, body, and soul on a deeper level. The Angels are with you to support this integration bringing you closer to wholeness. 

411: This is a reminder of your internal power to manifest, to embody divine love, and you have the ability to handle whatever may come.

666: If you see 666, you are being called to connect with your highest spiritual truth. Although this number has negative connotations in some traditions, 666 is simply a reminder of your inherent spiritual power. Tap into this power to manifest your desires and to connect with the divine.

There are many more angel numbers, the important thing is to realize they are all purposeful. They can bring you very important information. If you are not sure of the meaning, ask your guides to show you what the message is they are trying to communicate with you. Take time to connect with each number and its special meaning for you!