3 Steps to Protect Your Energy

3 Steps to Protect Your Energy

We all need protection. Sometimes we experience dangerous situations, and sometimes, it’s just our own thoughts that we need protection from. Everyone deserves to have feelings of safety, comfort, and peace. There are many tools, rituals, and Spirit Guides who can help to protect you. 

We here at The Mystical Moon care about you uncovering all the protective energy that you can call upon at any moment. Here are 3 steps to cultivate your own protective energy. 

Step 1: Make a plan to protect your energy. 

The world we live in has a lot of ways to distract us from the light. And in those moments when we are focusing on those distractions, it’s reasonable to feel some degree of fear. It is difficult to avoid these fearful triggers. Just turning on the news or even driving on the road will bring in energies of fear into your space. 

Oftentimes, when we get into that state, we want to immediately begin controlling the things around us so that they look more comfortable. And sometimes it is necessary to take immediate action to protect you or someone you love. But oftentimes it’s our own interpretation of a situation that makes us fearful. This is called anxiety. When we take action from a place of anxiety, we are skipping the important energy work necessary to actually make lasting, loving change in our environment. 

When life becomes disturbing or downright scary, that’s an indication that we need to go within and nurture our own energy. That means we need to set aside time and space in order to connect with our highest self - no phone, no news, no distractions. 

This is actually an emotional need that we all have, to prove to ourselves that we are important. We make time for the things that are important to us. And when we set aside this time, we are saying, “I am valuable.”  That’s an amazing way to cultivate self-protection. 

Plan on lighting a candle, turning on some comforting music, and spraying some Sacred Protection Spray to help set the space. 

Step 2: Meditate on Love.

When we set aside the time to get in touch with our protective energy, our first goal can be to give ourselves love. It’s time to give ourselves the gift of thinking loving thoughts because heavy thoughts are a huge drain. The fearful thoughts seem big, and honestly taking a little cat nap might help first to settle those energies down. 

But upon waking, it is imperative that we begin to focus on thoughts that feel nicer to think. This could be an appreciation journal. This could be putting a hand on the heart and simply focusing on the breath. 

Our goal here is not to jump to a solution for the fear situation. That might seem like the most important thing to do, but rushing to a solution puts undue pressure on ourselves, and that’s not very nice. It’s time to nurture ourselves, calm down, and get some perspective. We are in the midst of an infinitely loving universe. 

There is so much love streaming to us at all times. Do whatever it takes to put your mind into a place where you are thinking loving thoughts. 

Step 3: Perform Protective Rituals

Once we have set aside time and space to go within and raised our vibration to a more loving place, we can begin to turn our attention to the lesson we need to learn from this situation. It’s very helpful to connect to our Spirit Guides for this. They know us so well, and they know the best advice to give us. 

We have many different Spirit Guides that can help us through different times in our lives, and one way is to ask them to show themselves to us. We might feel like we are imagining this, but go with it and trust what you see. If it feels like a loving presence, then we know we are tapping into a Spirit Guide who is connected to our highest self. 

Listen to the advice given and ask questions. It might be helpful to journal about the answers received from our Spirit Guide so that we can remember the important advice. One question to ask is what rituals will help us most to feel protected in this situation. And once we receive the answers we are looking for, we can thank our Guides and close the channel. 

  • Some rituals that are commonly used for protection are:
  • Creating a healing bubble of pink light, especially before driving.
  • Zipping up energy from the root chakra to the crown with a simple zip up motion.
  • Craft a Protective Simmer Pot.
  • Call in the protective presence of Archangel Michael.
  • Place black salt in doorways and windows.
  • Wear dark colors or carry around darker crystals.
  • Make a list of our true identity, the qualities of our HIgher Self

When we focus our efforts on creating an aura of protection around us, we get better at realizing the protective power that’s always with us. And someone who is truly free is someone who understands that ultimately they are protected no matter what comes their way. That’s what gives us that push to achieve our dreams. 

It’s important to hold compassion for ourselves during this process, and know that you aren’t alone. Finding a community of people who are doing the work to consciously bring about safety in our life is important. 

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