3 Ways To Use Tarot For Self Care

3 Ways To Use Tarot For Self Care


By now, we all know that taking care of yourself means more than a spa day or a nap, even though those things can be very healing. There are deeper layers to it that require us to get more reflective about our life journey so far and where we want to go next. Using Tarot cards is a great way to do just that!

The Tarot was designed hundreds of years ago to depict the journey of every human, including common symbolism and archetypes. And although it is technically a card game, it has been compared to the deep psychological explorations of Carl Jung, a psychologist who founded many practices in modern psychology. We have SO MANY decks for you to choose from, and each has its own energies and personality. Choosing a deck that's right for you can even be an enlightening journey in itself.

Tarot can guide you on a more reflective journey so that you can become aware of your current energies and notice how they will play out if you continue in that direction. Tarot can also help you shift your energy until you can choose the path that brings you the most ease in life. Here are 3 ways to enjoy the Tarot as a tool for self-care:

1. Remember that all cards point to love. 

A lot of negative stigma surrounds the idea of Tarot in the world because many people are afraid that the Tarot will confirm their deepest fears and bring about punishment. This is less because of the cards and more because the collective is trying to heal the wound of being too hard on themselves. 

You might've experienced this wound yourself. We all have. But it's important to know that everything is working out for your highest good. And even when you run into difficulties, those aren’t meant to punish you. Those situations are meant to redirect you to a better situation.

For example, many people are afraid of getting the Death card. And with all the bad press about the skeletal motif, it’s understandable. But the Death card means that you are in the midst of a transformation and a rebirth. We are all on an eternal journey. And there really, truly isn't an end to life. The Death experience is more like a graduation. And while there is an unknown factor, everything always works out for you. So odds are the things that need to end aren’t what's best for you anymore. 

The most important thing to know about the Tarot is that you make the meaning out of it that resonates with you most! The Tarot and the energies around it are there to lift you up, give you some perspective, and offer wisdom so you can change your path. 

2. Use the Major Arcana to comfort you. 

As mentioned, Tarot highlights every step of the human journey, from the Fool (starting a brand new journey with naivete and innocence) to the world (a completed cycle bringing a sense of wholeness). You are a human on a journey as well, and you can find comfort wherever you're at by:

  • Thoroughly shuffling the deck.
  • Finding the Major Arcana card that describes you right now. For example: If you are on a romantic journey, look for The Lovers. If you are in a lawsuit, look for the Justice card. And if you are considering going back to school, pull the Hierophant. 
  • Check the card below and above the card. The one before it summarizes the events leading up to this point, and the card after it gives some general advice on what to do next. 
  • Journal about each card, and use them to reflect on your patterns and ultimate desires. 
  • Enjoy the clarity you have received from going inward and doing some reflection.

This technique is great for important life decisions. But another way to get some quick clarity is to find the card that most represent you. Each card is associated with a different zodiac sign. So if your sun sign is an Aries, you would use the same process for the Emperor card. And if you are a Virgo, find the Hermit. A quick search will let you know which card is associated with your Sun sign. 

3. Use the Tarot to build community.

Many people love getting cards pulled for them, and many tarot readers do as well. And don't you want to grow a friend group that enjoys being reflective and focusing on their growth? Of course!

There are many tarot communities online, on social media, and even in your community. And one thing Tarot readers have in common is they love to serve others with the wisdom of the Tarot. 

  • Pulling cards for your friends: When there is a full moon, people love to get advice about their next moon cycle. This is a perfect time to text your friends and offers a little card pull with a message. Remember to ask your friends if they want a reading first simply because you don't want to overstep boundaries. 
  • Upgrade your social media feed: So often, we follow people who are negative, toxic or drive us to make unhealthy comparisons. Find a tarot reader on social media who has the same values as you so that you can be uplifted while you scroll.
  • Visit a tarot reader in the community: Odds are if a person reads professionally in the community, they have put a lot of time and effort into channeling messages and can provide deep insights. And they often know about community tarot shares and places with meet-ups that you can plug into and meet like-minded people in person. 

Creating a supportive community is a loving act of self-care. Sometimes we can feel apprehensive about reaching out to a community, but you deserve support. Take a chance and see what comes from it!

Tarot is one of the many ways to care for yourself, with its unique benefits. Perusing a tarot deck for you can also be an exciting process of getting to know yourself better. Please reach out if you have any questions or would like some resources on understanding the Tarot more. We love to connect people to tools that help their self-growth. 

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