Crystals for Empaths

4 Must Have Crystals for Empaths

Empaths are energy-sensitive individuals that are highly affected and influenced by their environment. One of the best defenses I have found as an empath is to wear and carry gemstones that keep the aura strong and the user grounded and centered.

Hematite - Hematite is very effective in grounding and protecting the individual. It soothes emotions, which keeps the user focused and in control. 

Fluorite - Fluorite also stabilizes and protects the aura. It is instrumental in deflecting electromagnetic smog and stress. Fluorite helps to create and keep healthy boundaries within relationships and overcome drama. 

Black Tourmaline - Repels and protects against negative influences and psychic attacks. Black tourmaline increases stamina and deflects negativity while one is engaged in highly emotionally-charged situations.

Citrine - CCitrine is a powerful regenerator, empowering crystal that protects the aura. It also acts as a shield for the solar plexus. The solar plexus is where most empaths absorb the energy from their environment.


  • Carry in your pocket or in a bag with you
  • Wear as jewelry
  • Keep in a room where there is a lot of energy and traffic
  • On a picture of yourself, it will keep the energy flowing to you as long as is needed for distance healing and energy protection

Be sure to cleanse your crystal once a week with sage, sea salt, or whatever method you use to clear your crystals. They will be more effective when they are cleared and charged.


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