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Love Spells ~ Do They Work?

With Valentine’s Day approaching, many people have love on their mind. For some, they are thinking about how they would like to express to their significant other how much they care and others are wondering how they can find the partner of their dreams. Putting together a love spell by using candles, herbs and working with an intention can help you align yourself with the partner that is for your highest and best good. It can also help you spice up your current romantic relationship.
A love spell is not only used to bring your love into your life, but it can help you in the romance department. I know this may sound far-fetched, but love spells do work. How and why they work may surprise you.

First and foremost we must go over the do's and don’ts.


  • Try to control or influence another against their free will.
  • Put another person’s name on the spell. This is a big no-no, and it will only create a negative relationship karma for you.
  • Do not work any magic while you are on drugs, alcohol or synthetic substance – this can affect your good judgment.
  • Use the same spell over and over. Sometimes the results are not immediate and we often have some personal obstacles to move through to be in alignment with our intention.


  • Take personal responsibility for your actions.
  • Take your time with your wording and be clear with your intentions.
  • Work your magic when you are in a calm and relaxed state of mind.
  • Be open and trust the process.
  • Keep a journal to document what is happening in your inner and outer worlds as a result of the intention you set in motion.

The How and Why of Love Spells

By putting your intentions on paper and projecting those intentions out into the Universe, you are able to set clear intentions that can help you manifest and be in alignment for the partner that is for your highest and best good. Sometimes writing your thoughts down on paper helps you to be more in touch with what it is you truly do want in your life.
By writing down our goals, we are sending out a petition. Spirit responds by aligning us with situations and people that are for our highest and best good. Sometimes, there are necessary steps that we must take before that soul mate comes in. This is where many become frustrated. As a society, we are used to instant gratification and because we did not have our desired result manifest right away, we think the spell did not work. The spell is actually another way of asking the Universe to help us overcome our challenges and obstacles so that we can be in alignment with our goals. This is where we must trust the process. Attention is then brought to our views on love, our healthy or unhealthy boundaries and if we are emotionally available at this time for a loving relationship.
After you have set your spell/intention in motion, be sure to observe what happens in your life. You can be assured there will be changes and shifts that happen in your life courtesy of your spell. There are times when life can be a little uncomfortable before things improve, and sometimes the change is a smooth transition.

A Word or Two of Caution

If you are wanting your significant other to be more loving or dedicated to your relationship and you use a spell to improve your relationship, be ready for some possible conflict. You may have stirred the pot or awakened the elephant or elephants in the room. You may have crossed a fine line by including your partner in the equation by not having their permission to include them in your love spell. All of the reasons why your relationship is out of balance probably will be magnified and brought out into the open. There are more harmonious ways of working on your relationship, like having a good old-fashioned face-to-face conversation.
A wiser approach to improving your relationship would be for you to use a love spell that will help you be a more loving, giving, compassionate, and dedicated partner. This may mean a little self-love spell is needed at this time.
Spells are another way of directing your energy and thoughts through the elements of earth (herbs), water (water,) air (oils, aromatherapy), and fire (candles). They can also be viewed as a living vision board.
Below are are a few love spells that you may like to try:
Self-Love Spell
  • Black tourmaline crystal (to remove self-sabotage)
  • Rose quartz crystal (to bring in the unconditional love of self)
  • Pink candle
  • Lavender oil
  • Toothpick
  • Piece of parchment paper
  • A safe container for your candle
Begin by using the toothpick to write on your candle the following – I, (your name) am open to healthy, balanced and nurturing relationships. I love and approve of myself. It is safe for me to open my heart. So be it, so it is.
Write the same intention on your parchment paper and place the candle on top of the paper.
Next, rub the lavender oil around the outside of the candle.
Place the black tourmaline to the right of your candle and the rose quartz to the left of your candle for the duration of the burning of this candle.
As you light the candle repeat the intention above 7 times. After your candle has completely burned keep your crystals with you to remind you to love yourself first.
Journal your experiences and trust the process.

Love Spell

  • Mystical Moon Magic Aphrodite Candle
  • Mystical Moon Magic Aphrodite Soap
  • Sardonyx crystal (relationship stone of commitment)
  • Paper and pen
The first step is to write down the characteristics of your ideal mate. Be careful not to limit yourself by adding a name or being too narrow. You can add “or better” to the end of it if you are not sure. Take this paper and place it under the Aphrodite candle. Place the crystal in front of the candle. Call upon Aphrodite as you light your candle and say, “Aphrodite, I ask of you to bring me in a love that’s true.”
Now you are going to take a bath and bathe with the Aphrodite soap while focusing on cleansing your auric field and preparing your mind, body, and spirit for a healthy loving relationship while focusing on how that feels. What activities are you doing together, talking about together, and how does the emotional connection between you feel?
When the candle is not lit, or after it burns out, carry the crystal around with you.
Remember, nothing takes the place of honesty, clear communication, and excellent listening skills when it comes to happy and healthy relationships.
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