5 Ways to Make the Most Out Of Your Magic

5 Ways to Make the Most Out Of Your Magic

You understand the deeper aspects of life, which means that you know how helpful it can be to use tools like incense, candles, and crystals to work through difficulties and manifest your dreams. 

And sometimes it might feel like it’s not enough. Doing the inner work can be challenging, but it’s important. Here’s how to do the important inner work to make sure that you get the best out of your spiritual tools. 

1. Get Honest. 

If you don’t know the actual problem you’re facing, you might not choose the correct remedy! For example, sometimes doing a protective spell can keep you from the blessings you want when all you really needed to do was let in more self love. 

A big hint that you might be deflecting from the real issue is if you often find yourself blaming others for the things that go wrong in your life. Sometimes we desperately want others to take responsibility for their contribution to our pain, but sadly, many do not get that relief. 

Your power lies within. So if you need someone else to change in order to feel good, you aren’t stepping into your full power. And you might come in thinking you need an Evil Eye candle to ward off the haters, but what would really be most beneficial is a Goddess candle so you can rise and realize it’s time to give your energy to people who actually can take responsibility for their actions.. 

Journaling while burning incense is a great way to meander through to the root of the problem. And our calming Meditation Natural Resin Star Child Incense can set the energy to connect to your higher self so you can receive the insight you need. 

2. Be Proactive.

Is an eclipse or a retrograde coming? Then get ahead of it by intending to rise to every occasion that comes your way. 

By the time disaster strikes, we have no choice but to move through it. And what’s important to remember in that situation is that energy can eventually be shifted and that we show up as proud of ourselves as we can be. 

But when you do rituals to enhance your third eye before a difficult time, you can feel the energy before something goes down and then circumvent the issue. 

For example, pulling some oracle cards to start your day off on the right foot can do wonders for your energy! And when turbulent energy is on the way, like a difficult relative visiting from out of town, you can always sage before and after a visit.

The goal is to drop into your awareness and be proactive about what you need in order to stop any unwanted energies before it’s too late. 

3. Find Community.

We were never meant to navigate this world alone! Interacting with a supportive group of like-minded friends can do wonders for our energy. 

Going through a spiritual journey often involves times where you are alone and in reflective, cocoon phases. But it’s healthy to allow others into your energy who can remind you of your power. 

When you engage with others like at Pam Bzoch’s Goddess Circle twice a month, you get some perspective. It reminds you that you’re not the only one going through things, and might even help you uncover some important solutions.

4. Be Selective.

We all know about energy vampires, but there’s another place to watch out for energy attacks, your phone!

You can have an amazingly helpful ritual, but then open up your phone and have all that work undone in a matter of minutes if you aren’t selective about the energies you allow around you - and there are SO MANY energies online that can really deter you from your goals.

The good news is that you can curate your online experience. Make sure that you are following uplifting people on social media who make you feel good when you listen to them. And don’t forget to regularly clean up that follow list because sometimes what felt good for one phase in your life doesn’t help for the next phase. 

Using a timer while scrolling can be really helpful too if you find yourself susceptible to that addicting algorithm. The point is that your energy is valuable. Give your attention only to what lifts you up - especially on your phone!.

5. Be Thorough. 

A candle here or a simmer pot there is nice, but what is really helpful is when you are committed to a regular practice. And this doesn’t just include rituals! It also includes being kind to yourself often, soothing yourself when you’re distressed, and protecting your energy in every area of your life.

You are such a powerful and valuable being that is constantly getting a stream of abundant love streaming down on you from the Universe. Are you acting like it? Are you open to receiving the blessings? Do you allow every aspect of your day to bring you joy? Because it can. 

Move from occasional high vibe experiences into a climate of high vibrations. Let it be the air you breathe. 

Hopefully these reminders helped you to realize that it’s worth it to get reflective and learn how wonderful you are. Remember, YOU are the magic, and this life you have was meant to bring you bliss. The spiritual tools are here to enhance your journey, but they were never meant to be a substitute for learning to love yourself. 

Let us know if you agree and what your favorite Spiritual tool is! Leave a comment or share your thoughts on our social media pages @themysticalmoon. 

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