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Astral Travel, What It Is, and How To Astral Travel Safely

The ability to astral travel is a lot more common and easier to do than people may realize. We all leave our bodies during the night when we sleep. Just enough of our soul essence is left behind to keep the soul connected to the physical body to keep it alive and functioning. Often we leave our bodies during meditation as well. I love exploring the other realms of existence using astral travel as my means of transportation. Anyone can learn about astral travel, what it is and how to do it effectively. Many of us are not even aware that we have already traveled in the astral realm The definition of astral travel or astral projection is:
  • Astral projection (or astral travel) is an interpretation of an out-of-body experience (OBE) that assumes the existence of an "astral body" separate from the physical body and capable of traveling outside it.

You Might Have Astral Traveled If

  • You had dreams of flying.
  • You visit a new place, and you feel as if you have been there before.
  • You meet with someone for the first time, and they are familiar.
  • You share a dream with someone, and they had the same dream experience.
  • You were able to view your body from the ceiling. Some people see the silver cord that keeps the astral and physical bodies connected.
  • You experience deja vu (deja vu is when you travel ahead in time, check out the scenarios to select the outcome that best suits your soul's path).
  • You met with a teacher in your dream in a classroom setting.
  • You received information about upcoming events.
  • You had a visit with a deceased loved one.
People consciously astral travel for many different reasons. I suggest formulating an intention as to where you would like to go, who you would like to meet up with, and what information you would like to attempt to retrieve.

Here are the most popular reasons why people astral travel:

  • To learn about themselves.
  • View past lives.
  • Meet with a spiritual teacher, ascended master, or spirit guide.
  • To gain wisdom about just about anything from reincarnation, healing, and how to communicate with pets.
  • Visit with crossed-over loved ones.
  • Have an astral travel date with another like-minded spiritual buddy.
  • For personal healing.
The astral realm is infinite as to where you can go exploring. There are quite a few different approaches or techniques that people use to assist them with a safe and productive session. Personally, I prefer to use tools to enhance my experience. I love using candles, incense, and or sage, playing music in the background, and use crystals to hold and or place in my meditation room. Tools That Assist Astral Travel
  • Crystals ~ apophyllite, labradorite, moonstone, clear quartz, ametrine, angelite, selenite, septarian, moldavite, blue calcite, jet, astrophyllite, nuummite, and tektite
  • Crystals for protection and grounding ~ black tourmaline, hematite, tiger's eye, black onyx, black obsidian, and red jasper.
  • Oils ~ lavender, rose, patchouli, frankincense, clary sage, mugwort, palo santo, anise, and yarrow
  • Sage or any clearing herb or mist
  • Candle

A sample of how I prepare for a session of astral travel for myself:

  1. First, I make sure I am in a relaxed, calm state of mind and my emotions are in balance.
  2. I never meditate or astral travel on a full stomach. This can lead to a sluggish feeling, and is difficult to relax and travel through the astral realms.
  3. Set up my sacred space, saging, prayer, and lighting a candle.
  4. I create my intention. (ex. I intend to travel to Egypt to see the pyramids of Giza) and write it down on paper.
  5. I always bring my guides to protect me when I meditate, astral travel, or do any spiritual work.
  6. I prefer to sit up when I meditate with my back straight and supported by the chair or wall.
  7. I begin with a prayer/intention and slowly go into a meditative state.
  8. Sometimes I write and record my own meditation ahead of time and then play the meditation to guide me along my journey.
  9. After my meditation/journey is complete, I thank Spirit for the protection and guidance I received along my astral travels, and then I write down my experience in my journal.

Respecting other people's boundaries while engaged in any psychic work is imperative! I strongly discourage anyone from using their psychic abilities to spy on anyone. If you are interested in learning more about astral travel, I suggest seeking out a mentor who has experience in this area that can help you develop your astral traveling abilities.

Happy Traveling! Blessing and Light, Laurie Barraco

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