Chime Candles 101

Chime Candles 101

What is a Chime Candle?

Chime Candles, or Spell Candles, are short candlesticks that are commonly used in ritual practice.  They burn quickly because of their size, so they are great for single use.


What do I do with a Chime Candle?

Burning a candle for manifesting your intended outcome is very common.  You can burn a chime candle on it's own, or you can dress your candle with oils and herbs that enhance your intention.  

You'll need a holder or a firesafe dish to contain your candle for safety, but the rest is up to you!

How do I choose a Chime Candle?

Different colors represent different themes within any facet of spiritual work, and Chime Candles are no different!  Here are some common meanings and uses for the colors of Chime Candles:

  • Black: Banishing, Protection
  • White: Spirit, Can be used with any intention!
  • Brown: Earth, Animals
  • Red: Lust, Strength, Courage, Power
  • Orange: Vitality, Creativity 
  • Yellow: Clarity, Confidence 
  • Green: Money, Luck 
  • Blue: Communication, Truth
  • Purple: Intuition, Psychic Ability 
  • Pink: Friendship, Self Love, True Love
  • Gold: Sun, Masculine, Money, Energy
  • Silver: Moon, Feminine, Intuition 


Ideas for getting started:

Here are a few TikTok videos using Chime Candles to give you ideas!  


Summer Solstice Ritual
Full Moon Working
Gold vs. Silver Candles
Protection Spell Candle
Lipstick Glamour Spell

Try it out and let us know what you think!


Written by Bre Kohlhauff, Mystical Fam✨🌙


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